About Us

Nexgrid builds products that provide Consumers and Utilities the ability to manage and monitor a smart grid or smart home network in real time. Utilizing high speed, standards based communications provides the most reliable energy data communication network enabling energy management and utility operations in real time.  Nexgrid is a manufacturer and integrator of self-managing devices that offer utilities and their customers unrestricted monitoring and control of smart home devices and metering of electric, water, and gas. 

Nexgridís ecoNet Smart Grid gateways provide the foundation for providing real-time secure management and monitoring of meters and intelligent end devices. We have the proven system building blocks to enable utilities to deliver large amounts of data over a single standards based platform.  Through our commitment to innovation, our customers are better informed and able to manage their network in ways never before possible.

Our customers include utility companies, consumers, and systems integrators worldwide. Regardless of their industries or locations, our products deliver measurable savings that add up to a return on investment that can be measured in months rather than years.

To learn more about Nexgrid, please visit our corporate site at www.nexgrid.net