Nexgrid intelaHome is an customer portal that allows users to view detailed home energy information on their computer. It is a secure web based application that displays data in real time as well as historical home energy consumption received from Nexgrid's intelaMeter products installed by Utilities.
Use of Nexgrid's intelaHome is free for all. Utilities and device manufacturers pay no fees to integrate into the offering and users likewise do not pay anything or see ads when they use Nexgrid intelaHome.
Use of intelaHome requires your Utility to install nexgrid intelaMeters. These meters provide the Utility as well as consumers with real time communication to the meter and intelaHome.
Nexgrid intelaHome is not yet widely available. The service is only available when your local Utility has installed an Nexgrid intelaMeter. By selecting signup. from the main page you will know if the service is available in your area.
We are working with a number of Utilities and Companys that make power measurement devices and are eager to partner with even more. If you represent a Utility company, we'd love to work with you. Please contact us. .
Nexgrid intelaHome is an opt-in service and users must sign up to participate. No personally identifying information will be shared between nexgrid and third partys. All energy data received by nexgrid intelaHome will be stored securely, and users will be able to delete their profile data at any time.
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